New Employee Development Fund Application System to Debut June 29

According to a Department of Administrative Services communication posted to the portal on May 28th, a new Employee Development Fund (EDF) application system will be rolled out on Wednesday, June 29th.

The last day to submit applications for reimbursement through the current EDF interface is Monday, June 8th. During the next three weeks, the new system will be uploaded to the site. Then, on Wednesday, June 29th, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services will resume accepting reimbursement requests via the newly-developed tuition reimbursement system.

On June 9th, new job aids will be posted to so that we can learn more about the new interface. To access the new system, your State of Ohio user ID and password are all you will need to begin. You will no longer need to create or remember a separate account and password.

If you have questions regarding the close out of Fiscal Year 2015 or the new Tuition/Education Reimbursement system, please email your questions to